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The Empress Ballroom
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The Empress Ballroom is an all ages, non-alcoholic, drug-free venue located off Main Street in the heart of Danbury.
It is the primary venue of the area, hosting some of the best national and local bands around.

155 Main Street, Danbury CT 06810
Band load-in starts at 5PM
Doors open at 7PM

This site is intended to spread the goodwill of the Empress Ballroom.
We're not a bunch of assholes, as some people seem to think;
we're only assholes when you're drunk and give us shit.

Not only is Empress there to listen to good music,
Empress Ballroom is always looking for bands to book. Whether you're a
national, local or whatever band, chances are Empress is will book you.

Call Empress @ (203) 796-0000
on Wednesdays between 8PM and 11:30PM
or instant message "BookMyCrappyBand"
or EMail @ empressballroom@hotmail.com
More information can be found here.

For any other questions, comments, etc:
EMail empress_ballroom@yahoo.com
AIM: broken in eXodia (moderator)
SkaNktacular777 (co-moderator/info whore)
xxbreakintwo (co-moderator)

Keep in mind, this is for the site - not for Empress, smart ass.

1. This isn't a rule, but it's an idea starter. Here are some acceptable post ideas:
- upcoming shows at Empress; promote your band!
- show reviews
- pictures
- questions, comments about Empress
- Ballroom stories; there's always something going on

2. Edit 04/15/05: Fuck introductory posts. It's a good idea to get the community moving and all, but I don't want it to be mandatory.

3. All pictures go under an LJ CUT, please. If you don't know how to do one, ask.

4. This is one community where band promos are good, but if your community sucks, don't bother to promote it. Or if it's a rating community; they're obnoxious.

5. Being polite gets you far in my book. Starting LJ drama will get your ass kicked by myself personally. Don't harrass people for their opinions, because I'm sure you've got a couple crappy opinions too.

6. 04/15/05: I think that a repeat of #5 deserves it's own spot, with a more forward/blunt way of stating it -- this community will have none of that LJ-Drama crap, ya dig?

Yeah, it's not a complete list; do you know how long that would take?
Here's a list of some 'big name bands':

The Act
Autopilot Off
Big D and the Kid's Table
Bloodshot Hooligans
Boys Night Out
The Casualties
Catch 22
Count the Stars
Dry Kill Logic
Fall Out Boy
Flint Road
From Autumn to Ashes
From First to Last
Grover Dill
Hawthorne Heights
Kicked in the Head
Lost City Angels
Lower Class Brats
Motion City Soundtrack
My Chemical Romance
No Name Charlie's
Plain White T's
Poison the Well
Red Chester
RX Bandits
Senses Fail
The Spill Canvas
A Static Lullaby
Story of the Year
Streetlight Manifesto
Suburban Legends
The Superspecs
The Spill Canvas
The Toasters
Tokyo Rose
Tsunami Bomb

Want some pictures? Want to send some?
Go here.
Or send them to