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Okay. Just doing people a favor.

Meets The Sky (http://www.myspace.com/meetsthesky) is playing at Empress Ballroom July 24th. You crackers should go see them. 10$ a ticket. They will be at the Danbury mall July 8th selling tickets. Go see them they're good and need to sell 40 tickets. Tell your friends. I'd go but can't. So, win and go buy a ticket.

Contact Jesse on AIM at: MyEmoScreename1 if you're intrested.

Also, is anyone else seeing Left Over crack the 22nd?

The AKA's + Lost City Angels

If your interested in seeing the Lost City Angels and The AKAs @ Empress July 5th, my band Maniacal Youth will be accompanying them. We've been around for a while but this is our first time playing Empress. We have plenty of tickets to sell so it'd be a great help if you bought them through us.
If you want tickets either email maniacalyouth_ny@yahoo.com or message us on myspace (www.mysapce.com/maniacalyouth) where you can also hear our music.
Hope to see you there!

Oh P.S. our website; www.maniacalyouth.com (if you like Tsunami Bomb, Tilt, etc you may like us)

July 9th, Merch Contest

July 9th is a merch contest. The band that sells the most tickets gets alot of free merch, and danbury's finest are one the bill. That's right, the Makeout Bandits have decided to play another show in danbury this summer and we want you all to be there! Buy tickets from us by emailing deadbunny777@sbcglobal.net, commenting on www/myspace.com/makeoutbandits or calling 203 - 240 - 2764 and leaving a message.

Last night we played in NY for a pretty empty room, and it was just as good as playing in danbury, but this isn't just any normal MOB show. It's my cake party! [everyone who was at the streetlight show last july knows what I mean] which means you all need to be there because you love me.

And even if you don't love me, you should be there anyhow :)

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Tonight's show was good.

I definitly saw two of you people who post here there. I was going to say hi but then i decided to go pour water all over myself & be a jerk. =)

ANYWAYS - Thanks for being so awesome Makeout Bandits!

++Big D & Cenzo.


June 11th

Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Big D and the Kids Table, Cenzo, The Makeout Bandits, Blue Ribbon Envy
The Empress Ballroom
Danbury, CT
$10.00 adv
$12.00 dos

I've got plenty of tickets to sell. They're $2 cheaper if you buy in advance from a band... think of all the things you could do with $2! You could get water, or a soda or even merch... so help a band out [and save some money], buy from us :)

email: deadbunny777@sbcglobal.net or call the booking line at 203 - 240 - 2764 for tickets.

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June 11 one of our mods tearsthrusunday you may know her as erica or cake girl =) is playing a show at Empress. Her band The Makeout Bandits is playing with Big D and the Kids At The Table and Cenzo. Be there.
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