Calamity (tearsthrusunday) wrote in empressballroom,

July 9th, Merch Contest

July 9th is a merch contest. The band that sells the most tickets gets alot of free merch, and danbury's finest are one the bill. That's right, the Makeout Bandits have decided to play another show in danbury this summer and we want you all to be there! Buy tickets from us by emailing, commenting on www/ or calling 203 - 240 - 2764 and leaving a message.

Last night we played in NY for a pretty empty room, and it was just as good as playing in danbury, but this isn't just any normal MOB show. It's my cake party! [everyone who was at the streetlight show last july knows what I mean] which means you all need to be there because you love me.

And even if you don't love me, you should be there anyhow :)
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yeh....sorry everyone left was till a lot of fun though....i woulden't have traded that for a packed empress ..... ever

ill be away before the show in the 9th...but good luck with the've already got the rack for it!!! (come pick it up :-p)

untill next time
I'll pick it up in due time! Now that I've got room in my car, I can pick it up sooner, rather than later.
oh, and my screenname is skanktacular777 if you need to get in touch :)